Free Course To Keep Personal Finance Management Simple

Singapore (PRWEB) June 16, 2006

Many people are financially ‘illiterate’ and to learn what is personal finance management will mean money out of pocket. They can now take heart, because a new, no-nonsense approach to personal finance has just hit the web. Easy Personal Finance is a new website that is created by Joseph Then. The website offers a layman perspective of personal finance management.

According to a formal study, 90% of the American population will remain poor at the age of 65. The main reason behind their plight is usually poor finance management skills which many people do not learn in their school days.

“Easy Personal Finance” attempts to provide a straight forward materials that layman can understand. It covers many topics including topics that people took for granted like “What is Wealth?” and “What is Money?”

“The goal of Easy Personal Finance website is to show people that Personal Finance Management is not only for the rich,” Then said. “It is catered for the masses that are living from paycheck to paycheck. I hope that from this website, I can help many people to better manage their money and hopefully, to build enough wealth for their retirement.”

“It will not be a static website,” Then added. “From time to time, I will add in new, updated materials that I feel will help people in areas of finance management.”

The “Easy Personal Finance” series is now available at newly-launched web site,


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